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“A ship is safe in harbour,

but that’s not what ships are for.”

~ William Shedd ~


What will you do if you are standing at a crossroad in life and God calls you to leave familiar surroundings for an adventure with Him?

In this book, Out of the Harbour, Jiamin Choo reveals her most intimate and candid moments from 25 handwritten journals penned over six years to share the life of a young person who, fresh out of school, obeyed God’s call to choose the path less trodden and serve in full-time missions...

on board Doulos, the World's Oldest Ocean-Going Passenger Ship built in 1914.


Get your copy of 'Out of the Harbour' here:

Epigram Bookshop

OM Singapore

SKS Books Warehouse

ISBN: 978-981-08-6816-1 

No. of Pages: 320 (including 32 pages of full-colour photographs)

205mm x 135mm

Published by LifeHope Books

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